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Do you have interest in having a swimming pool deck installed around your pool? Are you curious how to do it? Well, the very first thing you should do is to contact Deck Masters.  We serve Matthews and the surrounding region and have for many years. 

It is our objective to always give you our best recommendations based on what you would like installed at your home.

Now that you have selected your deck installation company, there are other things you have to remember.  The big one would be your budget.  If you are not financially stable, it might not be the right time to commit to a deck building project.   It is important that you have enough money for construction, materials and labor as the proposal deems necessary.

We encourage you take time and determine exactly what design you want.   Now, this does depend on the layout of your pool area.  If you have a smaller home, it is always best practice to not design and install a extravagant design.

Now, for product used.  This will largely depend by your desired layout for your swimming pool deck.  If you are on a budget, we would never demand you use costly decking products.  If you desire to be conservative, we suggest you use product like limestone.

Swimming pool decks can be involved.  It is always best to leave projects like this to the professionals.  Deck Masters is your Matthews pool deck installation professional team. 

Give your pool a refresher with a beautiful pool deck now! 

 Reach out to us with all your inquiries and schedule your no-obligation assessment today!  We are your professional pool deck installation company in Matthews!


Why Choose Us

Always be sure to select those that are the best at what they do. At Deck Masters we will always have you covered!


We will come to you, free of charge, and inspect your property to see what design and product is best for you.


Our experienced design team will install your project to your satisfaction and leave your home in the same condition it was found in


We implement a specific process that we know will ensure a quality installation that will withstand the test of time


Never be concerned about your the quality of your project, our team will provide guaranteed maintenance and customer support, so you’ll always have peace of mind 

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We are honored to service Matthews as well as all the surrounding region within a 30 mile radius.   Our professional team will come onsite to you quickly and furnish a detailed quote

Contact us today to obtain a complimentary for your home or business.  We also service the following cities: Providence, Homestead, Sardis, Waverly Hall, Fox Run, Providence, Woodbridge, Apple Creek, Easthaven, Carmel

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